103 W. Main St.

PO Box 179

Richland, TX  76681


(903)362-1953 Court

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We're looking for photos of Richland in days gone by.  If you have any old photos, you may e-mail them or come by the office from 9 am to 2 pm, Monday-Friday and we'll scan them and give them back to you.

Richland, Texas



Local Businesses

These businesses are located in and around Richland.

Richland Convenience Store  100 S. Austin Ave.  (903)362-3663

Chapman Cut Rate Liquor      105 S. Austin Ave. (903)362-4014

Richland Sanitation                407 Maplewood St. (903)362-4602

B&J Trash                              403 Maplewood St. (903)362-4741

I'm A Tellin' U Longhorn Ranch www.imatellinu.com 13135 SW CR 2390

Rosebud Ranch                      1046 SW PR 2348

T Star Ranch                          FM 1394 (903)362-3303

Karen's Artisan Bakery, Eggs and More 1003 Hull Drive (off the northbound service road)  903-922-0395 mailto:sundancetrails@live.com and on Facebook:  Karen's Artisan Bakery, Eggs & More




E-mail:  mailto:richlandcity@hotmail.com